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Another brick in the wall? Paidcontent conundrum poses more questions than answers…

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This post is also published at the Frontline Club’s Forum blog

To charge or not to charge for online news? That’s becoming the defining question for an entire generation of editors, journalists and concerned readers at the start of the 21st century. While media owners plead there is a commercial value to their content – “news isn’t free to produce,” they say – online readers weaned on a diet of free for the last 15 years aren’t so sure.

This will be the topic of a networking event and debate I’m helping to run at the Frontline Club next Thursday, January 28th, (tickets are still available). The panelists on the night are: The Guardian’s Kevin Anderson; RBI’s editorial development director Karl Schneider; Wired columnist Peter Kirwan and Reuters Consumer Media’s head of mobile Ilicco Elia. Come along to take part in the debate and enjoy some free drinks. Continue reading

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