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Monthly Archives: January 2010

links for 2010-01-30

Tweet John Gapper in Davos: The Bloomberg way of making money from news | John Gapper's Business Blog | FT.com “We are very careful and meticulous about distinguishing between reporting and opinion. We do not really do blogs, not because we are against them but we believe everything has to be edited, We are not [...]

links for 2010-01-29

Tweet Apple (United Kingdom) – iPad – The best way to experience the web, email & photos Wi-Fi models shipping in late March // 3G models shipping in April // UK pricing to be announced. (tags: apple ipad gadgets mobile) World Wide Webber: Rant: “Oh you want credit for your photos?” BBC should respond ASAP [...]

links for 2010-01-28

Tweet Ask the Experts 1: David Banks on media law « Adventures in digital journalism Can you use 30 secs of audio without payment? “The defence here is fair dealing. It works for printed material, extracts of books, plays, films etc. So long as your extract does not extract the entire value of the original [...]

links for 2010-01-27

Tweet Twas the Night Before iTablet — Kobo It comes to something when publishing types write poems about it. (tags: ipad tablet apple mobile) Jon Slattery: Rupert Murdoch on ‘kooky, kid’ Rusbridger Murdoch on Rusbridger: “Kooky,” was his description. “And what’s with the way his hair falls in his face?” Murdoch asked once, scowling in [...]

links for 2010-01-26

Tweet Free dailies 2010: the age of the happy monopolist: InPublishing Look at freesheets in context, and the longevity just isn’t there. Piet Bakker: “Free sports papers, free evening papers, free weekend editions, free quality papers, free home delivered papers… almost all of these experiments have failed miserably. Which makes the Evening Standard something to [...]

links for 2010-01-25

Tweet Welcome to the Caledonian Mercury : Caledonian Mercury: News, stories and intelligent analysis from Scotland We will not pretend to cover every story. We shall certainly avoid chasing after what has been done elsewhere. Instead we shall focus on the areas of our writers’ expertise, freed from any diktats from the Editor’s chair. And [...]

links for 2010-01-23

Tweet 'Around 40' Guardian News & Media staff take voluntary redundancy | Media | guardian.co.uk Voluntary redundancies include MediaGuardian.co.uk reporters Stephen Brook and Chris Tryhorn and deputy production editor Aly Duncan, and the Guardian's San Francisco-based technology reporter Bobbie Johnson. (tags: guardian newspapers) FT.com to launch new Blackberry app and day pass access model in [...]

links for 2010-01-22

Tweet Oxford Media Convention: The BBC will not try to compete with local publishers again – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic BBC’s Helen Boaden.”The BBC’s 45 [regional] websites are devoted to big cities and counties… In contrast, the Newspaper Society says there are 1,500 local newspaper websites. Some of which are local, some are [...]

Another brick in the wall? Paidcontent conundrum poses more questions than answers…

Tweet This post is also published at the Frontline Club’s Forum blog… To charge or not to charge for online news? That’s becoming the defining question for an entire generation of editors, journalists and concerned readers at the start of the 21st century. While media owners plead there is a commercial value to their content [...]

links for 2010-01-21

Tweet Is social enterprise the future of local media? : JournalLocal It’s won’t be majoratively ad-funded in the near future, so there has to be some kind of solution… (tags: hyperlocal blogging advertising beatblogging) Reporting Haiti: How news orgs are covering the story online | Journalism.co.uk Editors’ Blog What does a rolling news channel do [...]