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Monthly Archives: February 2010

When travel bloggers say too much: bad taste or freedom of expression?

Tweet Here’s a strange tale. A young travel blogger, Steve Wade from Edinburgh, visits Thailand as part of an East Asia tour. While in Bangkok he takes part in some of the city’s legendarily seedy after-hours activities, gets drunk and has sex with prostitutes. Not much unusual there – thousands of Western men do the [...]

Digital Election 2010 debate @ The Frontline Club – letting Twitter tell the story

Tweet I’m still taking in the feedback and discussion from a really lively event at the Frontline last night, on digital media and the election. I’ve written a roundup here – with video and some audio – but in a sense I didn’t need to: the audience, using the #frontlineclub, hashtag gave a superb running [...]

Video journalism on the frontline in Afghanistan

Tweet There isn’t much to add to the video below: in case you haven’t seen it, this is Frontline Club founder and journalist Vaughan Smith’s remarkable video report from Helmand province, where he’s been embedded with British troops for the last month. What I will say: this is what solo video journalists can achieve… (Big [...]

Sky mobile TV: small and imperfectly formed, but with 3G streaming it’s a winner

Tweet For a while now I’ve been using Sky’s iPhone TV app. Sky has signed a handy deal giving O2 customers a three-month trial, so I’ve been able to watch football, cricket, american football, golf, Soccer AM and all the other sports I’m obsessed with, using nothing but my phone. My trial expires soon, after [...]

How much is a news article worth?

Tweet In my latest post for Journalism.co.uk I look at the relative value of news articles. I’ve been thinking for a while about what happens when the economic unit of value – a newspaper – is superceded by individual articles online, or by online subscriptions. Here’s an excerpt… … One of the problems of this [...]

Terrorists, iPads, apps and paywalls

Tweet It’s been two months since I left paidContent:UK to do “other things”. It’s certainly been an interesting few weeks and – most importantly – it’s been busy.  There are some interesting longer term projects that I’m excited about being involved in, but in the meantime this is mostly what I’ve been up to: – [...]

Comic, tragic or good business? Trinity Mirror’s GMG Regional purchase in links

Tweet The week’s big news in the media biz is Trinity Mirror’s audacious bid for Guardian Media Group’s GMG Regional Division – an eyebrow-raising throwback to the days when newspaper groups had lots of money and acquired rival groups’ titles on a more regular basis. This is what I make of it, but here’s a [...]

Manchester Evening News joins Trinity Mirror’s empire – but what comes next?

Tweet The biggest deal in regional newspaper so far this decade, is all systems go. Confirming the completion of earlier talks (via PCUK), Trinity Mirror this morning announced it has bought GMG Regional from Guardian Media Group for £44.8 million. Here’s the release. The deal includes a £37.4 fee to cancel a long-term printing contract [...]

Mobile journalism tools: broadcast yourself with Audioboo

Tweet It’s not enough to write the news anymore, apparently you’ve got to talk it now as well. But that’s OK, because there are lots of ways to do it fast, for free and to a surprisingly good standard. Mashable has these handy tips for reporters on the go (via Sarah), but I thought I’d [...]

Book publisher shows HowTo make money from Google ads and free content

Tweet It had almost become true simply by repetition: last year publishers of all kinds of written and visual content scrambled to declare there’s no business model in ad-funded free content online and that readers must be charged. Alan Rusbridger’s recent Cudlipp lecture was a welcome reminder that the debate is not as simple as [...]