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Monthly Archives: April 2010

links for 2010-04-30

Tweet Thoughts on Flash Steve Jobs: "We know from painful experience that letting a third party layer of software come between the platform and the developer ultimately results in sub-standard apps and hinders the enhancement and progress of the platform." Hmmm… this isn't the full story. There's more an economic pressure to keep Adobe out [...]

links for 2010-04-29

Tweet A Gaffe-o-Vision election is not my idea of progress | Marina Hyde | Comment is free | The Guardian A quite prescient Marina Hyde back in January on how a big gaffe would affect the election: "… By nightfall, there will scarcely be anyone in the 18-65 age group who hasn't seen the clip [...]

links for 2010-04-28

Tweet Memex 1.1 » Blog Archive » The Sun is looking for disappointed NHS staff. I wonder why. We're willing to pay people to tell them what they think (?) (tags: newspapers thesun politics newsinternational) BBC – Newsnight: Paul Mason: Ten theses on Twitter What spectacularly good analysis (tags: twitter socialmedia pr politics) Sean In [...]

Online newspapers: Paper is only a metaphor for constructing digital information

Tweet Image via Wikipedia The news industry has a definitions problem. A newspaper is not a newspaper in its online form, but Guardian.co.uk and WSJ.com are both referred to as online newspapers. The staff responsible for these digital appendages are just as obsessed as print colleagues with the appearence of their “front page” and the [...]

Professional vs ‘amateur’: NUJ asks independent digital journalists to disappear

Tweet Image via Wikipedia Even the most enthusiastic National Union of Journalism members will admit the union has had a troubled relationship with “new media”. Like many unions, the NUJ is still grappling with how technology is revolutionising its industry, increasing efficiency and making everything a little bit more unstable. The union leadership, notably general [...]

Advertising with Addiply: no more Rochdale car ads

Tweet Image via Wikipedia I’ve always been a fan of “the practice what you preach” maxim. After writing about it, speaking to its creator and watching its gradual but promising growth, I’ve signed up this site to the advertising platform Addiply. Those red boxes on the sidebar are available for text ads at £0.50 a [...]

There’s more to news publishing than the pursuit of profit

Tweet Image via Wikipedia In times of crisis in business, you re-evaluate what you do and why. The current debate over the Future of News, which mostly consists of learned sages berating encumbant media executives for not getting “it” and journalists moaning that there’s no “model” that will save their craft or monetise “the internet”. [...]