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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Manchester, so much to answer for: why you wouldn’t launch a regional magazine

Tweet Regional newspapers are either in – or just exiting – an economic crisis. The rules have changed, the ad revenue is disappearing to free online alternatives, news habits have changed and the audience is getting older. It shouldn’t be this hard, in theory: if the current thinking among intelligent journalists is that you need [...]

Updated: Targeted free content vs purist paid-for: It’s relevance that really matters when it comes to online ads

Tweet Update 1/7/10: See Tom Whitwell’s comment below: he points out that of course there are adverts on thetimes.co.uk, “on every page” even. “We just don’t have dozens of flashing popup/popunder ads for Albanian bingo parlours,” he says. So I admit to exaggerating slightly by saying there are “no” adverts – but one or two [...]

Rafat’s leaving paidContent… but we can still be cheerful about digital media

Tweet Is there reason to be cheerful about the future of digital media? Answer: of course there is. But you wouldn’t think it sometimes, with stalling advertising rates, UK start-ups scaling down and the niggling feeling that the future is always somehow a couple of years away. So why not get some people together to [...]