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Monthly Archives: December 2010

The sad story of Yahoo, Delicious and what to use next

Tweet I can’t help feeling that Delicious is one of the many services that Yahoo forgot that it owned and couldn’t see a way for it to integrate with its ad-supported news’n’content’n’stuff model. But the semantically-tagged fat lady has yet to sing for the bookmarking service. Right now, we know Yahoo doesn’t want Delicious any [...]

Merry Christmas from your local paper. Sort of…

Tweet It’s always nice to receive Christmas cards.¬†Somewhat less nice to receive automated mailing list Christmas spam from companies you have nothing to do with. Even worse is when the message is so generic and faceless it makes you laugh into your eggnog until you can laugh no more. Ping, an email arrives (see right).¬†The [...]

What I learned about Twitter and journalism in 2010 – tips and advice from a compulsive tweeter

Tweet I was very pleased and grateful to be included – for the second year running – in Journalism.co.uk’s top five tweeters of the year. It’s a always good to be recognised like that but the real buzz from Twitter is having and keeping more than 3,000 followers and carrying on the conversation, link-sharing and [...]

The behavioural economics of free media: how to make users choose you

Tweet The way the media economy is right now, it’s no surprise the talk is all of how publishers can rake back some of the money they used to enjoy in advertising and, for newspapers, print circulation. It’s not unreasonable to ask users to cough up to cover the cost of content creation. However, just [...]