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We’re hiring: TheMediaBriefing is growing, do you want to join?

We’ve got the beginnings of a successful business… we just need more people.

I’m looking for a very bright digital journalist/assistant to join TheMediaBriefing – which I edit – and help us grow the site and the brand. We’re bringing in some very exciting changes soon and we’ve got a programme of reports and events that I think makes us competitive and relevant in a very exciting industry.

We launched the site some six months ago and since then have published two research reports, run one successful conference (2nd is on the way), published 100s of original articles and interviews on the evolution of the media industry, and indexed and sorted many thousands of interesting articles from around the web. Our parent company is Briefing Media Ltd, which is planning to launch more sites in the months ahead.

You may be a new graduate, you may be working in the industry. This could be something that fits around other work.

I’m not going to write out a typical job advert with roles and responsibilities: this is a call for people that might be seriously interested to get in touch. But I will say:

  • We publish intelligent analysis of the global media industry.
  • This is not a 9-5 newsroom job – nor is it a reporting role in the traditional sense.
  • We’re only after digital natives, people who are comfortable working online.
  • You need to know what aggregation and curation are and why they matter.
  • You need to be comfortable using all forms of social media.
  • We want someone that is interested in learning the business side of media, not just journalism

To carry on the conversation please email patrick dot smith at Apologies if my reply is delayed.

update: Thanks to everyone that has been in touch about this. I’ll be getting back to you all shortly.