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Monthly Archives: May 2011

#newsrw: Heather Brooke on the PR gatekeepers of officialdom

Tweet The modern journalist’s role is not merely to report news, but to filter and distil masses of information that matters to the public and present it so they can act on it. And reporters have to realise that supposedly independent government officials will always try to keep data secret where it might cause a [...]

Powerpoint, coffee and business cards: Media conference season gets underway

Tweet It’s that time of year when media hacks get up early, head to a hotel, drink too much coffee and find out what the future of the industry is. There are a few really good ones coming up – including the next from TheMediaBriefing.com – and I thought I’d mention them in the hope [...]

BBC Social Media Summit: Newsrooms need a mix of skills and cultures #bbcsms

Tweet In this digital media, journalism and always-on bubble that we live in – if you’re reading this blog you’re probably in that category – we are weird. Speaking at the BBC’s Social Media Summit on Friday at White City (or “White Stadt” as Google Maps puzzlingly and Germanically translates it) BBC Global News head [...]

Celebrating 100 Audioboos – my Leeds Trinity Journalism Week speech

Tweet Ahem. Without wanting to become one of those people that apologises “for not posting in while” – I realised I haven’t said much for a long time. And for some reason I didn’t post my speech from Leeds Trinity’s Journalism Week earlier this year, organised by my alma mater, Leeds Trinity and All Saints [...]

Frontline Club debate: “It’s so dangerous here, not even Osama bin Laden is safe”

Tweet On the day after al Qaeda’s “leader” Osama bin Laden was killed by US forces in a daring raid on a nondescript compound outside Jalalabad, BBC Urdu sent out reporters into four cities across Afghanistan and Pakistan. Not to ask questions, but to observe. To sit at bus stops, to listen. Aamer Ahmed Khan, [...]