4 Things You Must Know Before Getting Breast Implants

Women all over the world are choosing to undergo the knife in an attempt to achieve larger breasts. While going up a cup size may improve your confidence and boost self-esteem, it is important to understand the facts about breast augmentation and implants.

Here are 4 things you must know before getting breast implants.

Saline implants are the safest choice

Saline implants are highly recommended as any risk of rupture will be detected immediately. When saline implants deflate, the saline fluid will be harmless in the body will not require any MRI examination. Additionally, saline breast implants also have the lowest rate of contracture, allowing women to keep their implants for more than 20 years without replacement or hassle.

Best location is behind the chest area

When the breast implants are placed behind the chest muscles, the muscle will act as a second layer of coverage to the implant. When you choose to place the implant under the muscle, this will produce a natural curve to the breast region and make it look all the more natural.

Breast Implants will change sensitivity in the nipples

Due to the nerves that start from the entrance of the nipple to the breasts, the nerves will become stretched and result in sensation loss. Once the body recovers from the procedure, the nerve function will return and lead to hypersensitivity.

Large implants are not always a better choice

Determined by your body’s frame, there is a size limit to the width of your chest. Choosing a nipple implant that is wider than your chest will lead to undesirable results as the implants will protrude under the arms. Additionally, a large implant will cause the skin to stretch and result in an awkward appearance where the nipple is higher than it should be.


Do you plan on getting breast implants? Be sure to do your research, talk with your doctor, and discuss the risks of the procedure before you make your decision.