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I’m Patrick Smith (@psmith). I paid for the hosting on this site, so therefore it still exists. While you are here you may as well read the blurb below.

I’m a senior reporter at BuzzFeed News, based in London. I joined BuzzFeed in 2013 when there were 10 UK staff; there are now about 130. You can read my stuff here.

I joined BuzzFeed UK as the media editor, but after many years covering the media I switched to general news.

Before that I was the founding editor of TheMediaBriefing, which involved writing a lot of chin-stroking analysis pieces about the future of media (TL;DR –  the internet). I also went to and organised a lot of conferences.

Before that I was the UK correspondent for paidContent, a US tech/media blog that was once influential but sadly no longer exists. Before that I was the newspapers correspondent for trade magazine Press Gazette.

In the middle of all this I was a visiting lecturer in digital journalism at City University, London and I put on events for the Frontline Club, the excellent journalists’ club in Paddington, London.

I’ve appeared on Sky News, BBC News, BBC radio and loads of other things talking about all kinds of things, including technology and media. Email me on patricksmithjournalist@gmail.com if you want me to talk on your thing.


  • Nominated for Digital Editorial Individual 2011 at the AOP Awards.
  • Nominated for Best Feature Writer and Best Reporter at the PTC New Journalist Awards 2007
  • Yorkshire TV student journalist of the year 2006


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