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#SIPAUK2011: Links and slides from my presentation on journalism, aggregation and curation

Tweet Today I’m speaking at the Specialised Information Publishers’ Association’s UK conference on a breakout session on digital tools for editors and publishers, in a session with my erstwhile colleague Martin Stabe, now an interactive producer at To sum it up very briefly, I was talking about curation, aggregation and the importance of transparency [...]

Busy times: TheMediaBriefing, conferences and student blogging advice

Tweet Hello there. Yes, it’s been a while, but I’ve been busy. TheMediaBriefing is taking up a lot of time and as I wrote here before it’s a very exciting project we’re building from the ground up. I intend to write more here about some of the interesting things we’re doing with content and technology, [...]

Blog to get a job in journalism: build a community, promote yourself and get networking

Tweet How do you get a job in journalism? Get a blog. Well, it may certainly help you, but I’ve just seen a panel of speakers at City University and that’s what they said. Josh Halliday, Dave Lee and Conrad Quilty-Harper told a room of students how they found gainful employment in journalism through their [...]

Invisible blogging bogeymen and the non-existent threat to journalism

Tweet Image via Wikipedia A lot of bloggers seem to be socially inadequate, pimpled, single, slightly seedy, bald, cauliflower-nosed young men sitting in their mother’s basements and ranting. They are very angry people So says Andrew Marr, formerly the editor of The Independent, formerly the BBC’s political editor, now chief political interviewer and radio host [...]

Say hello to a new algorithm publishing model for the media industry

Tweet I’ve been rather quiet in recent weeks and with good cause: I’ve been helping to build a new digital media business, Briefing Media Ltd, and its first site, which goes live today (Tuesday). I’m the editor and chief analyst – a title which when explained, does make sense – and I’m really excited [...]

Link to the past: why do some news sites STILL not link out in 2010?

Tweet Journalists now invariably have to take part in web journalism and an increasing number of them only write for the web. But despite that, not all of them use hyperlinks - one of the main things that elevate digital journalism above and beyond its print counterpart by adding relevance, context, facts, proof and sometimes wit to an otherwise [...]

Rafat’s leaving paidContent… but we can still be cheerful about digital media

Tweet Is there reason to be cheerful about the future of digital media? Answer: of course there is. But you wouldn’t think it sometimes, with stalling advertising rates, UK start-ups scaling down and the niggling feeling that the future is always somehow a couple of years away. So why not get some people together to [...]

Delicious links: Should they stay or go?

Tweet Image via CrunchBase Being a busy person, with (thankfully) multiple clients and places to be, I don’t update this site as often as I’d like. I find time to write at least one substantive post a week and I write about the events and major things I attend, as a rule. Like lots of [...]

Tips for trainee journalists: be digital, promote yourself and find a niche

Tweet Image via Wikipedia Today I’m speaking to journalism students at Trinity and All Saints College in Leeds, where I graduated with a journalism degree a few years back. Here’s a flavour of what I’m telling them, with some links and media for anyone that decided to turn up in person… It seems odd to [...]

Advertising with Addiply: no more Rochdale car ads

Tweet Image via Wikipedia I’ve always been a fan of “the practice what you preach” maxim. After writing about it, speaking to its creator and watching its gradual but promising growth, I’ve signed up this site to the advertising platform Addiply. Those red boxes on the sidebar are available for text ads at £0.50 a [...]