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Experimenting with Google+ hangouts – live, interactive broadcast conversations

Tweet Spending time on Google+ is sometimes a lonely thing. It’s the one-handed clap of the social media platforms. But it has 170 million users who have “upgraded” their Google accounts and countless millions who may yet do so. But the potential for it as a platform is vast and there are good reasons professional and [...]

Entrepreneurial journalism at City University – the next generation’s ideas

Tweet One thing the news and media industry needs is new ideas for making money – so that people can launch their own businesses or help existing ones do better. Which is why the conversation surrounding entrepreneurial journalism is such a healthy one. Pioneered by the likes of Jeff Jarvis at his City University of [...]

Investigating the economics of local newspapers

Tweet There is a grim certainty that the existence of local and regional newspapers are under threat in the UK and other developed economies. There are no shortage of articles from commentators saying this is generally a bad thing. Northcliffe’s East Kent Gazette is the latest in a long line of closures. But what are [...]

On probability, statistics and journalism

Tweet This should pose a good teaser for any working reporter and news editor who uses percentages of chance on a day-to-day basis. If a woman is given a positive screening result after a mammogram, which is bad, what is the probability that she does not have cancer? Answer: 91 percent. Why is this? Cambridge University professor [...]

#SIPAUK2011: Links and slides from my presentation on journalism, aggregation and curation

Tweet Today I’m speaking at the Specialised Information Publishers’ Association’s UK conference on a breakout session on digital tools for editors and publishers, in a session with my erstwhile colleague Martin Stabe, now an interactive producer at To sum it up very briefly, I was talking about curation, aggregation and the importance of transparency [...]

#newsrw: Heather Brooke on the PR gatekeepers of officialdom

Tweet The modern journalist’s role is not merely to report news, but to filter and distil masses of information that matters to the public and present it so they can act on it. And reporters have to realise that supposedly independent government officials will always try to keep data secret where it might cause a [...]

BBC Social Media Summit: Newsrooms need a mix of skills and cultures #bbcsms

Tweet In this digital media, journalism and always-on bubble that we live in – if you’re reading this blog you’re probably in that category – we are weird. Speaking at the BBC’s Social Media Summit on Friday at White City (or “White Stadt” as Google Maps puzzlingly and Germanically translates it) BBC Global News head [...]

How to be a reporter in a digital age: don’t take no for an answer

Tweet I’m moved to blog about reporting, seeking answers and transparency.

Vaughan Smith on life and death on the frontline in Afghanistan

Tweet As much as I enjoy the media jungle and talking about digital media for a living, there are times when it’s worth watching the work of journalists who work in genuine life and death situations. One such is Vaughan Smith, founder of the Frontline Club (where I worked very happily during 2010). Vaughan has [...]

The importance of journalism and building communities

Tweet What is an online community, how do you build a site or service to cater for one and how do journalists work to become relevant in one? These are the questions students on the MA journalism programme at City University in London are considering (I teach magazine journalism students there). The students have to [...]