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Investigating the economics of local newspapers

Tweet There is a grim certainty that the existence of local and regional newspapers are under threat in the UK and other developed economies. There are no shortage of articles from commentators saying this is generally a bad thing. Northcliffe’s East Kent Gazette is the latest in a long line of closures. But what are [...]

Hats off to Nick Davies

Tweet There’s so much coverage of the shutting down of the News of the World, including mine, but I’m not seeing anyone talking about the journalist at the heart of this story – but who comes out with his reputation and morals intact. Nick Davies has for four years kept this story alive, ignoring every [...]

Newspapers are dying, but don’t turn off the presses yet

Tweet December’s ABC figures show nothing, but nothing but newspaper sales decline. Only one national title, buoyed by advertising campaign spend, managed a positive growth rate in the last four weeks of 2010. Here is the headline data in case you haven’t seen it (taken from Press Gazette’s table) but seeing as no one else [...]

Merry Christmas from your local paper. Sort of…

Tweet It’s always nice to receive Christmas cards. Somewhat less nice to receive automated mailing list Christmas spam from companies you have nothing to do with. Even worse is when the message is so generic and faceless it makes you laugh into your eggnog until you can laugh no more. Ping, an email arrives (see right). The [...]

i Spy: can the Indie’s little brother change the habits of a generation?

Tweet It’s here: i, the Son of The Independent, hit the streets this morning. Touted as the first “quality” newspaper launch in 25 years, it’s a slimmed down version of the Indie designed for busy, younger readers who may have never got the paper-reading habit. It’s a colourful read with none of the polemic, tub-thumping, [...]

Smoke and Mirrors: Why the Daily Mirror will not build a paywall

Tweet Image via Wikipedia The headline on Marketing’s website reads: “Daily Mirror’s plans online paywall“. The Twittersphere alights with it-won’t-workisms. The article says: Executives at parent group Trinity Mirror are finalising which content to charge for on and Final details of the strategy are expected to be confirmed later this year. Daily Mirror [...]

What newspapers could learn from supermarkets

Tweet Image via Wikipedia Light blogging of late, with the day-to-day management of So here’s an excerpt of an article I wrote today for TMB about CRM and supermarkets, making the point that news organisations need to know much more about their customers, just like Tesco does… Sir Terry Leahy turned around Tesco from a [...]

It’s not about selling news, it’s about keeping customers

Tweet The paywall debate has focused on how consumers might consume the news industry’s end product: news. “Will readers pay for news online?” “Will the industry survive this change?” “Won’t people just get it for free someplace else?” These are the news industry’s Frequently Asked Questions right now. Even people that don’t believe in Rupert [...]

After the news has gone: life without your local newspaper

Tweet What happens when your local newspaper leaves town? The people of Ashton-Under-Lyne in Greater Manchester found out 18 months ago when the Tameside Advertiser office (right) shut and its journalists were either sacked or moved seven miles west to Manchester city centre, home of the paper’s parent company MEN Media, now part of Trinity [...]

Link to the past: why do some news sites STILL not link out in 2010?

Tweet Journalists now invariably have to take part in web journalism and an increasing number of them only write for the web. But despite that, not all of them use hyperlinks - one of the main things that elevate digital journalism above and beyond its print counterpart by adding relevance, context, facts, proof and sometimes wit to an otherwise [...]