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A week is a long time in media

Tweet The last seven days have not been dull. With the UK launch of Huffington Post utterly overshadowed by the on-going crisis (for once, this word is justified) at News Corporation, it’s one of those weeks where stories normally found on the media/business pages rocket their way to the front pages and the top of [...]

Highly commendable disruption

Tweet If personal blogs aren’t for self-aggrandising posts when something good happens, then what are they for? I was very pleased to be “highly commended” (a phrase reminiscent of school homework) in the Digital Editorial Individual category 2011 at the AOP Awards last night. See the full list here and congratulations to Emma from the [...]

Celebrating 100 Audioboos – my Leeds Trinity Journalism Week speech

Tweet Ahem. Without wanting to become one of those people that apologises “for not posting in while” – I realised I haven’t said much for a long time. And for some reason I didn’t post my speech from Leeds Trinity’s Journalism Week earlier this year, organised by my alma mater, Leeds Trinity and All Saints [...]

The journalist’s guide to the internet… from 1999

Tweet Do you remember when the internet was all new and strange? When being “online” felt like a distinct and separate experience to simply doing normal things? Then let’s transport you right back. I stumbled across this: a guide to online journalism from 1999, written by Mike Holderness. He provided it as a free resource [...]

Teaching online journalism at City

Tweet Some very exciting news to announce for me: I’ll be teaching on City University London’s journalism department from this week. Specifically, I’ll be running workshops on various aspects of online journalism for the magazine journalism MA students for the next six weeks (on a part-time basis) and helping with introducing some current industry thinking [...]

The behavioural economics of free media: how to make users choose you

Tweet The way the media economy is right now, it’s no surprise the talk is all of how publishers can rake back some of the money they used to enjoy in advertising and, for newspapers, print circulation. It’s not unreasonable to ask users to cough up to cover the cost of content creation. However, just [...]

links for 2010-05-25

Tweet ‘The General News Business Is Dead – RIP’ | paidContent:UK Kelly does talk sense. If the Mirror can make a success of just doing its big niches well, then why compromise by SEO-ing news and writing about stuff that brings in page views but no audience? (tags: newspapers dailymirror trinitymirror search advertising seo) Google [...]

links for 2010-05-24

Tweet Stevie Spring: 'God bless Rupert Murdoch' – Press Gazette "God Bless Rupert Murdoch for doing this experiment on our behalf." This is music to News Corp's ears: Murdoch doing the whole thing on behalf of the industry. (tags: Newspapers murdoch paywalls paidcotnent)

links for 2010-05-21

Tweet Paywalls, Apps and the Frontline Club – One Man and His Blog (tags: frontlineclub pr) Ruth Gledhill – Times Online – WBLG: 'Articles of Faith' translates to heart of great paywall debate Nice mention for the club – and an interesting debate: Ruth has built a loyal audience through her blog. Will those readers [...]

links for 2010-05-20

Tweet The Guardian launches mini freesheet in London The Guardian denied the move was in response to The Independent's campaign but rather a good opportunity to capitalise on the heightened news agenda following the general election. (tags: guardian guardiannews&media newspapers free) Blog advertising makes opinions – Create Ad Price of an add on Buzz Machine: [...]