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Experimenting with Google+ hangouts – live, interactive broadcast conversations

Tweet Spending time on Google+ is sometimes a lonely thing. It’s the one-handed clap of the social media platforms. But it has 170 million users who have “upgraded” their Google accounts and countless millions who may yet do so. But the potential for it as a platform is vast and there are good reasons professional and [...]

#SIPAUK2011: Links and slides from my presentation on journalism, aggregation and curation

Tweet Today I’m speaking at the Specialised Information Publishers’ Association’s UK conference on a breakout session on digital tools for editors and publishers, in a session with my erstwhile colleague Martin Stabe, now an interactive producer at To sum it up very briefly, I was talking about curation, aggregation and the importance of transparency [...]

Guardian funds phone-tapping investigation… with adverts for phone-tapping services

Tweet Update 19.25: The Guardian has now taken these ads off its RSS feed, after I posted this article earlier today. Guardian News & Media tells me: “We have blocked the specific urls in question and are working closely with Google to prevent any similar adverts from appearing in the future.” Original:I’m reluctant to post [...]

Betfair, Google and digital competition

Tweet Image via CrunchBase An article for TheMediaBriefing, on the parallels between the success of the newly public Betfair – and the criticism it attracts – and digital media companies like Google. Here’s an excerpt… Betfair revenue was up 13 percent to £341 million in 2009/10. The technology underpinning the system is second-to-none. The company [...]

Smoke and Mirrors: Why the Daily Mirror will not build a paywall

Tweet Image via Wikipedia The headline on Marketing’s website reads: “Daily Mirror’s plans online paywall“. The Twittersphere alights with it-won’t-workisms. The article says: Executives at parent group Trinity Mirror are finalising which content to charge for on and Final details of the strategy are expected to be confirmed later this year. Daily Mirror [...]

It’s not about selling news, it’s about keeping customers

Tweet The paywall debate has focused on how consumers might consume the news industry’s end product: news. “Will readers pay for news online?” “Will the industry survive this change?” “Won’t people just get it for free someplace else?” These are the news industry’s Frequently Asked Questions right now. Even people that don’t believe in Rupert [...]

Advertising with Addiply: no more Rochdale car ads

Tweet Image via Wikipedia I’ve always been a fan of “the practice what you preach” maxim. After writing about it, speaking to its creator and watching its gradual but promising growth, I’ve signed up this site to the advertising platform Addiply. Those red boxes on the sidebar are available for text ads at £0.50 a [...]

Is News Over? City University journalism chief George Brock says journalists should accept changed world

Tweet Update: Watch the whole video at this link (not embeddable, unfortunately). Journalists still have a vital role to play in society as independent, informed, editors, finders and defenders of facts. No amount of algorithmic authority will change the vital role of reporters to hold authority to account. All that’s according to George Brock, the [...]