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#SIPAUK2011: Links and slides from my presentation on journalism, aggregation and curation

Tweet Today I’m speaking at the Specialised Information Publishers’ Association’s UK conference on a breakout session on digital tools for editors and publishers, in a session with my erstwhile colleague Martin Stabe, now an interactive producer at To sum it up very briefly, I was talking about curation, aggregation and the importance of transparency [...]

BBC Social Media Summit: Newsrooms need a mix of skills and cultures #bbcsms

Tweet In this digital media, journalism and always-on bubble that we live in – if you’re reading this blog you’re probably in that category – we are weird. Speaking at the BBC’s Social Media Summit on Friday at White City (or “White Stadt” as Google Maps puzzlingly and Germanically translates it) BBC Global News head [...]

What I learned about Twitter and journalism in 2010 – tips and advice from a compulsive tweeter

Tweet I was very pleased and grateful to be included – for the second year running – in’s top five tweeters of the year. It’s a always good to be recognised like that but the real buzz from Twitter is having and keeping more than 3,000 followers and carrying on the conversation, link-sharing and [...]

Are your tweets endorsed by your employer?

Tweet Image via CrunchBase Some things just brighten your day. On Twitter this morning I mused – not for the first time – that those silly disclaimers people put in their Twitter profiles to distance their views from their employer are not worth the bytes they’re not printed on. Invariably, people in public-facing roles write [...]