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Experimenting with Google+ hangouts – live, interactive broadcast conversations

Tweet Spending time on Google+ is sometimes a lonely thing. It’s the one-handed clap of the social media platforms. But it has 170 million users who have “upgraded” their Google accounts and countless millions who may yet do so. But the potential for it as a platform is vast and there are good reasons professional and [...]

Blog to get a job in journalism: build a community, promote yourself and get networking

Tweet How do you get a job in journalism? Get a blog. Well, it may certainly help you, but I’ve just seen a panel of speakers at City University and that’s what they said. Josh Halliday, Dave Lee and Conrad Quilty-Harper told a room of students how they found gainful employment in journalism through their [...]

Demand Media: The $114 million content machine that has nothing to do with news

Tweet Image via CrunchBase I’ve been saying for a long while that Demand Media‘s digital content model has potential to make it big. And now it’s filing for an IPO, claiming  the company has stock worth up to $125 million. It’s clear that Demand’s growth is by far outstripping even its own predictions and the [...]